A Photo We Love: Julian’s Breast Cancer Beater

Julian Wilson is one of the nicest young men to have ever graced this earth. Here, have some proof.

Julian Wilson
© Ryan Miller

Julian Wilson is a certified dreamboat to any girl aged 12-35-years-old from Moscow to Timbuktu. That hair, the smile, those beating eyes — what’s not to adore? But what most of those lust-smitten young ponies don’t realize is that Julian is the type you’d want to bring home to Ma. The kid is a sweetheart.

Julian’s always had a very close relationship with his Mum. And that darling Mrs. Wilson just so happens to have beaten breast cancer in her day. So Julian, being in a position of fortune and fame, decided to fight the good fight. He’s devoted a good chunk of his career to raising breast cancer awareness. He’s ridden pink boards, he’s donned pink trunks and most recently painted a pink little Mickey Mouse on his favored shortboard. All in the name of boobs.

Surfing Magazine got the full scoop on Jules’ endeavor, and you can read it right here.