A Photo We Love: Evan Geiselman

Evan just narrowly (and controversially) loses ECSC. And we argue that he is the people’s champ.
A Photo We Love: Evan Geiselman © ASP
By Brian Roddy

Virginia Beach’s ECSC is one of the longest-running traditions on the USA’s East Coast. Started over 50 years ago, the event was originally donned the East Coast Surfing Championships. It brought together the best surfers from the Atlantic and a win meant a year’s worth of boasting and a free bar tab. Fast-forward a few decades, and the event has cascaded into a full-blown ASP Star event and one hell of a party. And because it has opened up to an international field, winning nowadays doesn't exactly mean that you’re the East Coast champion. But the name remains the same.

If you were to ask around about who an actual East Coast champion might be, you wouldn’t get too far without hearing Evan Geiselman’s name. Low and behold, the in-form Evan found himself in the semifinals at the 2013 ECSC. Needing an 8, he stroked into a chunky left, pumped down the line and flung that patented air-revo which we’ve all come to adore. Like always, he rode out of the thing with style and grace and Virginia Beach went bonkers. Surely, it would be an 8. Score comes through the loudspeakers… It’s a 7.67.

And Evan was knocked out.

We love this photo because we know that, regardless of what ECSC or the ASP judging panel wants you to think, Evan is the champion of East Coast surfing. Golden locks and all.

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