R(B) and D: The Telephone as Physical Saviour

Trainer to the stars, Wes Berg, creates iPhone app for squat-hungry surfers. 
Joel Trains
By Derek Rielly

While there is a very good case to be made for avoiding training at all costs and improving your surfing by just surfing (see Dane Reynolds and John John Florence for compelling examples), it is true that some of us benefit from lifting our heart rates.

And now, Wes Berg, trainer to current world champion Joel Parkinson, has released a surf-specific training app that is "customised to each of the 10 stops of the world tour, allowing surfers and those seeking to improve their general fitness to adapt their exercise regime to suit their local conditions."

Ain't that a thrill!

"Users can view step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations of every exercise from Joel and Wes, as well as view regularly updated video content in the App Magazine (a new technology giving users frequent bonus content after they have already purchased the app)."

Wes, an ironman, says: “There is nothing else out there like this that's built just for surfers. Each exercise replicates the body movements used in surfing so what we do in the gym translates to the way surfers perform in the water."

Personally, I ain't busting a ham (or $4.49) over it, but I know some of you devils have got the kink for gyms!

Get it here! Y'gotta want it!

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