10 Things You Never Knew About: Kolohe Andino

More than just an extremely pretty face and owner of the world's most reliable fin toss.
Billabong Pro Tahiti
Kolohe Andino Finds The Hole © Brian Bielmann
By Derek Rielly

1. Attitude: I take everything I do seriously.

2. Naps: I sleep a lot. I love naps. I take around six naps a week. That’s my peace and quiet.

3. Though the looking glass: I love cameras and photos and art.

4. Old man sports: I hate golf.

5. Education: I suck at literature, but love history.

6. Fatherhood: Dad (former pro surfer Dino Andino) took me everywhere. Put me on the beach when he was surfing. He’d take me across the country when he'd do events. This was when I could barely take a shit by myself. Once I started being able to surf, there wasn’t one trip he didn’t take me on. I don’t know if he just liked having me around or if he was trying to develop my surfing. Either way, it worked.

7. Style: Dad always told me to work on my form. Told me to watch Mick frontside and Taj backside.

8. Paternal legacy: Without Dad I would be no one. Not a thing. As I type this he is probably thinking of way to make my life better.

9. The best place on earth. I love France. Maybe it's my favourite place in the world. The opportunity for a whole plethora of different waves is high. Big barrels, point break sand bars, wedges, bigger rippable waves. Then you have the amazing food. The long days. I love the climate, plus the French girls there aren't too unpleasant.

10. Social media: It bothers me that I rely on them so much

Kolohe Andino
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