10 Essentials For The Modern Surfer

Kai Lenny, the young waterman, was nice enough to plan out your next 10 purchases for you.
Kai Lenny takes off on a big wave at Jaws.
Kai Takes Another © Brian Bielmann
By Brian Roddy

Somewhere on Maui, there exists a Kai of many trades. Kai Lenny’s the name and everything aquatic is the game. Kai is a borderline fish and spends almost all of his time in the water. We wouldn’t be entirely surprised to learn that he actually sleeps in the ocean, if that was at all physically possible. Kai is a modern renaissance surfer and here are his ten essentials.

The half-fish/half-man from Maui gives two digits worth of must-haves for the refined surfer.

1.Swim fins: they are an amazing tool for cross training and really great for body surfing, I recommend Da Fins.

2.Stand Up Paddling: Out of any sport I do SUP is the best cross training sport for surfing; It’s the equivalent of riding a road bike but just on the water. It also makes any conditions the ocean has to offer really fun!

3.Kite surfing: When the wind comes up and your spot is blown out it is amazing how much fun grabbing a kite and using your surfboard can be. You can get 30 waves in an hour with know one around.

4.Prone paddleboard: I call it the torcher stick because it is the hardest most rewarding way to paddle long distance and get the ultimate workout.

5.Windsurfing setup: windsurfing reminds me of Moto-X on water, the speed and power you have feels as if you had 250 engine. If you like to fly high and fast windsurfing is insane.

6.Jet Ski: The Jet Ski is amazing because it is the best way to fast track you’re surfing and bring it to the next level. As well if the biggest day of the year arrives you can share some of the rides of your life with your friend.

7.Foil board: It allows you to ride a wave for as long as your legs can handle it or until you hit the beach! It is the modern day hover board; it feels like you are flying!

8.Alaia board: This type of craft was ancient Hawaii’s short board. I enjoy this so much because of the speed you can get by just trimming down the line.

9.A 9ft. single fin Log long board: If you can make surfing a Log look stylish and good you can make anything look great! And on those small mushy days you can be the one having the most fun.

10. Jet Surf: The Jet surf is a surf style jet board that can reach speeds of 50 miles an hour and gives you the feeling of riding a 60 foot wave at Jaws on flat water. In my opinion it may be the future of tow-in surfing, can you imagine towing yourself into massive waves or just flying around on flat water?

Kai Lenny
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