The Art of Blog

Guys (and gals) that rip in the water, also kill it on the Web.

ordy Smith surfs at Keremas, Bali, Indonesia during the production of the film "Bending Colours", on May 24th 2010.
© Ryan Miller

Back in the day, there were these things called business cards. Simple little pieces of paper that quickly described what a person’s function was. Sometimes, they were creative and colorful. Sometimes, just business. They were passed around and people started to know about you. In those days — really, not that long ago — there were also handwritten diaries. And scrapbooks for photos.

But the times have changed and all of these things have been rolled into a personalized website called a blog. And any relevant surfer has one. It’s how the fans, how the world, gets a bit more of that human beyond the photos in magazines and ads.

And, of course, how a surfer lets the world know who they are.

The Journal. One of the more word-heavy, entry style blogs in the surf world is done by Carissa Moore. Which makes sense, as Carissa is as smart as a tack and a talented writer, at that. In a blog like hers, there are archives from every month, going back five years detailing her week to week adventures, growth and of course, world title journey.

Carissa Moore performs in Guna Yala, Panama on August 16th, 2012
Carissa Moore getting barreled© Agustin Munoz/Red Bull Content Pool

The Artsy Original. Most surfers credit Dion Agius as the first to keep a successful and vibrant blog. Mostly photo based and usually all his own photography. Scrolling through his picsy you get a sense of where he is and where he's been.  There's some web clips and music links thrown in the mix of course, too.

The All-Inclusive. Julian Wilson’s blog, due to its mix of photos, Twitter, Instagram, video, and contest accomplishments, has something for everyone. Colorful and spread out on one big page, you can watch freesurf sessions in West Oz and then click on stunning photos of him dominating a ‘CT event.

There’s also a ton of archives and amazing, A+ photo galleries.

Action shot of Julian Wilson surfing in Reunion Island, France.
Julian Wilson Action Shot from La Reunion© Ryan Miller

Video Heavy. Probably the most anticipated of entries for a blog is Dane Reynolds’ Marine Layer Productions. Like the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” Dane might release a clip on his site just once a month. But as one whose actions have always spoken louder than words, the clips on his video-based blog are always worth the wait.