Five Not So Surfy Things We Asked: Jordy Smith

Beautiful gal, beautiful sponsors but no beautiful world title. It don't matter! Let's talk non surf
Jordy Smith, Pre-Heat © ASP/Kirstin
By Derek Rielly

1. Are you afraid of dying?
I’m not afraid of death but it’s crosses your mind as in, oh my god, there’s a gun and if he pulls the trigger I’m dead. To be in a situation like that, you don’t think about the physical act of dying, you think about how you’re not going to live and how you’re not going to see your family ever again.

2. Has death ever stalked you?
I was walking home and I got mugged and stabbed on my right side at the bottom of the kidney. It was in Durban, coming home from school, they just thought, this is a kid we can rob, that was it. It happened so fast. I was like bleeding as I got up and I was crying at the same time. I ran and went to the hospital and got stitched up.

3. What does it feel like to be stabbed?
I didn’t feel it. It didn’t go too deep. The knife sliced rather than plunged deep. It was a burning pain. I got such an adrenalin hit. I started running and I felt my side and I realised.

4. What qualities do you think you have?
I’m kinda a nice guy. I'm the same person all the time. Never change.

5. What's your favourite place on earth?
When I’m in a deep sleep.

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