World Title Quest: Carissa Moore, a Step Closer

With Carissa and Tyler advancing, the title will be decided on the final day.
By Larry Earvin

It's no secret that the final stop on the 2013 Women's Championship tour in Portugal is an important one. In fact, a world title is up for grabs in a winner-takes-all scenario. Yes, it's more complicated than that, with multiple scenarios playing out, but if Carissa finishes ahead of Tyler Wright, she'll win her second title.

Lebron James recently expressed that winning your first title is tough, but the next one is incredibly difficult.

That's what Carissa is facing when she landed in Portugal this week. No matter what you tell yourself, it's not just another contest, it's not just another surf, there is pressure and expectations that follow.

Here's a photo story of her quest for her second title.

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Showing Up
On the Line
Showing Up Carissa arrives at the beach with a possible 2nd title looming. © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
Relaxed In victory or defeat, it's these moments that will last forever. © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
Birds Eye View
Birds Eye View
Birds Eye View Enjoying a quiet moment with her boyfriend before hitting the water. © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
Blocking Out
Birds Eye View
Blocking Out Pressure is nothing new for Carissa, but blocking out the attention that comes with it is difficult. Do you think the women to her left understands the importance of the heat she's about to watch? © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
Attack Mode
Carissa Moore in Attack Mode
Attack Mode Knowing what she needs to do, Carissa stormed her way through to the quarterfinals, including winning a tense round 4 heat against current champ Stephanie Gilmore. © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
Eye on Tyler
Carissa Moore keeps her eyes on Tyler Wright
Eye on Tyler It's important to stay focused on her own performance, but you better believe she's paying attention Tyler's every move. © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
Stress Level
Carissa Moore Strees Level
Stress Level Carissa is not the only one feeling the emotions of the title race as it comes down to the last day of the 2013 season. © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
2013 Champion???
Who will be crowned 2013 Champion?
2013 Champion??? We'll have to wait until the final day of Surfing to decide this year's champ. Is there anything more exciting in sports? © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
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