Carissa Moore Wins 2013 ASP World Title

After seizing her second title, Carissa, like a true champ, went on to ace the EDP Cascais Pro.
Carissa Moore Wins 2013 World Title © ASP
By Brian Roddy

While the masculine side of the surf world has spent decades searching for the next Kelly Slater, potential girl Slaters have been sprouting up like dandelions. And nobody can deny the seed that has been planted in Carissa Moore.

After a scorching amateur career, Carissa predictably won her first world title in 2011. And then came the great question: would she be a one-and-done sort of girl? Once she achieved her life's greatest goal, would Carissa Moore fall into a Superbowl slump and slither away into oblivion?

No. The answer is no.

Carissa just won her second world title. After a tooth and nail year full of battles with Tyler Wright, Carissa sealed the deal at the EDP Cascais Pro in Portugal. After 'Riss beat Bianca Buitendag in the quarters, Tyler was defeated by Sally Fitzgibbons. And so went the title. Carissa went on to win the event, just for good measure.

And while the years to come are Slaterishly promising for Carissa, so far she has showed no signs of balding.

Carissa Moore
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