The Instagram Wrap, Volume 42

A telling snapshot of life through some of your favorite surfer's iPhones and photo filters.
The Instagram Wrap, Volume 42
By Elliot Struck

Life can be grand through an iPhone lens and some free filters. The format may mean that the quality ain't perfect, but what in life is perfect? Celebrate the low pixelation! This week, we wrap up Portugal and take some time at home...

Clockwise from top left:

@mfanno stars in a new film called Missing that looks really, really good judging purely by this photograph.

@mgabeira takes control at Nazare.

@_koloheandino, like, last night, photographed by @lawrence_photo

@sally_fitz is back on the Goldy.

@julian_wilson's life is not one bit bad.

@jordysmith88, coming to a heat near you soon.

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