Quick Take: Carlos Burle

Here's two facts: Nazaré was huge this week, and Carlos Burle was on it. Time for a debriefing!
Carlos Burle.
Carlos Burle © Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool
By Derek Rielly

What it feels like to catch a wave that might be 100 feet: Well, in the circumstances of how it happened I'm just happy to deserve one ride at that point of the day. For real, I'm stoked to work with these kids! They are improving and this makes me feel proud of my duty!

What it feels to be searching for your tow buddy and finding her face down in the shorebreak: That's a terrible feeling! You know that it can happen anytime while surfing big and gnarly waves. But it doesn't matter how you practice or how often or how well. You'll never be 100% ready for this kind of situation. She did her best to survive the worst beachbreak scene I've ever experienced. She trains hard for that. I did my part under the circumstances.

To perform CPR on someone you love: Well, terrible feeling again. We're very thankful for the help of a local lifeguard Nuno. He was the one who helped us get out of the water and start the whole procedure. Also all the guys from the Zon North Canyon were there. And a special thanks to Nicole McNamara and Garrett McNamara. They're doing a beautiful work regarding big wave surfing and safety.

Carlos Burle
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