A Photo We Love: Jamie O'Brien

The always dazzling JOB takes on some of the heaviest shorebreak we've ever seen; winner undecided.
Jamie O
A Photo We Love: Jamie O'Brien © Brent Bielmann/SurfingMagazine.com
By Brian Roddy

Jamie O'Brien, for lack of better word, is a freak. Literally, there is no better word in any dictionary in any language to describe the man. He lands rodeo flips, at Pipe. He does board transfers, at Pipe. He probably surfs in the middle of the night and guess where he probably does it? At Pipe. But how does the freak get his kicks when the Pipeline lays dormant. Lucky for him, he doesn't have to go to far.

Keiki shorebreak is about a mile away from the Banzai Pipeline. It is one of the most notorious neck-breakers in the world. If you've ever seen a Clark Little photo, chances are it's from Keiki. It's a great place to get an awe-inspiring image, and and even better place to eat sand.

So while his beloved Pipeline lay dormant, Jamie walked (or possibly drove) that mile down to Keiki for some "fun." The photo you see above is what Jamie O'Brien considers a good time. A freak indeed. Just don't hurt yourself heading into Pipe season, big guy.

Jamie O’Brien
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