Photos: Final Day at 2013 Billabong Pipe Masters

Kelly Slater wins the event, Mick Fanning the world title and John John the Triple Crown.

Standout of the Day: All hail the king. As if Kelly Slater had anything left to prove, he surfed flawlessly during the final day. Every decision he made was the right one and his technique was perfect. There is still so much we can all learn from this man.

Honorable Mentions: Kelly Slater may have won the 2013 Billabong Pipeline Masters, but two other titles were awarded yesterday. For starters, Mick Fanning came in clutch (twice) to win his third ASP World Title. If you missed it, watch his heats on demand. They were historic. Also, John John Florence won his second ever Triple Crown of Surfing title. In the Semifinals, he got spit out of a Pipe barrel and proceeded to stick a tail throw reverse. Is there anything the kid can't do?

What to Watch For: ZoSea taking over the tour for 2014 is either going to be a disaster or a miracle. It'll be interesting to see how that all pans out...