The Qualifiers Update: The 2014 WCT Qualifiers

Dion Atkinson
© ASP/Cestari

The results are in-- review the final cut for the Big Leagues.

Well that was quite a freaking finish. As usual, the Triple Crown sorts it all out. After two very difficult Primes and a title-crowning Pipe Masters that may go down as one of the most brilliant events in ASP history we welcome four new fresh faces to the Tour next year and 30 more familiar ones.

Four out of the five boys from the last Qualifiers Update heading into Pipe kept their spots on next year’s tour. And that would be: Mitch Crews (AUS), Jadson Andre (BRA), Aritz Aranburu (EUK), and Dion Atkinson (AUS). Sadly, the much-anticipated Mitch Coleborn was edged from the list by a requalifying Brett Simpson. Coleborn is, however, the ASP’s first replacement surfer after the injured Glenn Hall. And I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him in events beyond the Fiji Pro.

With 2 ½ months to train or party or meditate or whatever new world champ Mick Fanning wants to do, the Top 34 will be back in March for the Quik Pro on the Goldie. And it is there where we’ll see how the newbies fare.

If any of them have the tenacity and tiger’s eye that world No. 8 rookie Nat Young did, though…then they’ll be doing just fine.

To be clear: The 2014 ASP Top 34 is comprised of the Top 22 finishers on the 2013 ASP WCT rankings, the Top 10 finishers on the ASP Qualification Series (QS) rankings (barring surfers who have already qualified through the Top 22 on the ASP WCT rankings) and two ASP wildcards. Little confused? You ain’t the only one. It takes a few reads to get it.

Before the rest of them, here’s the (non-WCT) 2014 qualifiers:

Jadson Andre
JadsonAndre_VansWorldCup© ASP/Cestari

1. Jadson Andre (BRA)

Mitch Crews
MitchCrews_PipeMasters© ASP/Kirstin

2. Mitch Crews (AUS)

Aritz Aranburu
AritzAranburu_BalitoPro© ASP

3. Aritz Aranburu (EUK)

Dion Atkinson
DionAtkinson_SunsetBeach© ASP/Kirstin

4. Dion Atkinson (AUS)

2013 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) Top 22:

1. Mick Fanning (AUS)
2. Kelly Slater (USA)
3. Joel Parkinson (AUS)
4. Jordy Smith (ZAF)
5. Taj Burrow (AUS)
6. Julian Wilson (AUS)
7. Kai Otton (AUS)
8. Nat Young (USA)
9. Josh Kerr (AUS)
10. John John Florence (HAW)
11. C.J. Hobgood (USA)
12. Michel Bourez (PYF)
13. Adriano de Souza (BRA)
14. Gabriel Medina (BRA)
15. Filipe Toledo (BRA)
16. Sebastian Zietz (HAW)
17. Adrian Buchan (AUS)
18. Jeremy Flores (FRA)
19. Miguel Pupo (BRA)
20. Fred Patacchia (HAW)
21. Bede Durbidge (AUS)
22. Matt Wilkinson (AUS)

2013 ASP Qualification Series (QS) Top 10 (barring double qualifiers):

- Adam Melling (AUS)
- Kolohe Andino (USA)
- Alejo Muniz (BRA)
- Jadson Andre (BRA)
- Mitch Crews (AUS)
- Aritz Aranburu (EUK)
- Raoni Monteiro (BRA)
- Travis Logie (ZAF)
- Dion Atkinson (AUS)
- Brett Simpson (USA)

ASP Wildcards:
- Owen Wright (AUS)
- Tiago Pires (PRT)

ASP Replacement Surfers:
- Glenn Hall (IRL)
- Mitch Coleborn (AUS) – next in line on 2013 ASP QS rankings
- Patrick Gudauskas (USA) – next in line on 2013 ASP WCT rankings
- Willian Cardoso (BRA) – second in line on 2013 ASP QS rankings