Recommended: Lose the Screen Addiction

Carlos Burle.
© Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool

Turn off the phone, the Pad and lose a boot in the television. Life is bigger than screens…

Yeah, I get the irony. You're reading this anti-screen rant (but it ain't boring! Stay with me!) on a screen. But how else am I going to reach you beside your electronic portal to the world?

Think about it. Examine yourself. Look around.

Everyone is buried in a phone or some other screen. We're sending texts, uploading photos (with clever message) onto Instagram, we're updating our status on FB, we're Snapchatting and we're pinning gear and we're making mostly pointless phone calls. At the end of the day our eyes are sore and our brains fizz a little.

Go somewhere, maybe an event like the Pipe Masters, a place where your senses would normally be overloaded with smell (plumeria!), noise (the crowd!), chatter (Dave Stansfield!) and danger (Pipe!), and half of the crowd, at least, has their electronic windows pointed at the action, filming. Filming so they can show someone that they were there. Everything compressed into a little telephone screen.

How many times a day do you look at your phone? Most of us take a glance every couple of minutes. Thirty times an hour. Considering we gotta sleep sometimes, that might mean 600 or 700 times a day.

Overload? Yes.

It takes a lot of effort to resist, but unless you're a cop or a surgeon, lose the phone for days at a time. Entire weekends. If you see a beautiful moment, imprint it on your brain, not on your phone. Bored in a car? A plane? Look out the window. Marvel at mountains and open space and cars and clouds and people and life.

Think. Plot. Conspire. Plan.

Maybe you'll change career paths. Maybe you'll start to work out the mechanics of a turn you've never nailed.

All great ideas were hatched out of boredom or an interest that was piqued by something out of left field.

You want to play Minecraft and become a champ of manipulating buttons. Well, sure.

But if you want to fly. Screens down.