Tiago Pires Wins Instagram

© @tiagosacapires

Haven’t heard from good old Tiago in a while? Don’t worry, he’s still alive — and back on tour.

Injuries can cripple the career of a professional athlete. We see it all the time in mainstream sports, and often times, a surfer’s injury is overlooked. “Oh, it’s just a sprain? You’re fine.” Or “Couple weeks out of the water and you’ll be back, dude.” Unfortunately, that’s hardly ever the case.

Tiago Pires, the Portuguese ambassador to the surf world, has been sidelined with a nagging knee injury for quite some time. He surfed the first two events of the 2013 ‘CT, but has since disappeared. But don’t fret, Tiago fans. The man is finally back in the water. And, more importantly, he’s back on the 2014 World Tour via the PRIME Series.

In a recent Instagram post, Tiago claimed to be doing his “homework.” A school boy at heart, you can bet that he was diligently tearing those bowls apart. Look out for him next year, World Tour. Look out for him and that hack.