A Photo We Love: Carissa Moore

Carissa Moore
© Steve Sherman/SurfingMagazine.com

In the wake of Mick Fanning’s dramatic World Title win, the world has nearly forgotten about Riss.

Who won the 2013 ASP World Title?

If you answered, “Mick Fanning,” then you are correct. But not fully correct.

The Hawaiian darling Carissa Moore also tasted the sweet bubbles of champagne in 2013. She claimed her second ever ASP Women’s World Title at the EDP Cascais Girls Pro in October. And she did it in a way that was nearly as dramatic as Mick’s.

After Carissa battled shiny white tooth and prettily polished nail with Tyler Wright all year long, the title race — just like for the men — came down to the last minute. Neither surfer would go down without a fight. Carissa used that rail of hers to earn the crown in funky Portuguese conditions. It was exciting and it was a moment. It had been the closest race the ASP Women’s World Tour has ever seen, and it was far and away the best year women’s surfing in general has ever seen.

Until next year, that is.