Three Things We're Almost Sure Will Happen At...

The Mavericks Invitational. Want to impress your friends? Here are your webcast talking points.

Mavericks Invitational opening ceremony© Jay Headley

It’s on. The Maverick’s Invitational will run on Friday, January 24th. It’s going to be bombing and aren’t you excited? We’ll be broadcasting the event live on RedBull TV, as well as live-tweeting and live-Instagramming from the peak. Indeed, you have a lot to look forward to on this lovely Friday. And you should go into it prepared. Go into it smart. Here are three things we’re almost sure will happen at the Mavericks Invitational. Feel free to pawn them off as your own.

Dollar Dollar Shaun Y’all: There is something wrong with Shaun Dollar. Literally, the way his brain functions is not similar to that of a normal human being’s. He will not hesitate. He will turn and throw himself over the ledge on any behemoth that comes his way. Watch him, and watch him closely. He will succeed.

Winning is a Virtue: And so is patience. With a swell as big as this, being patient pays off. The man who lets his fellow competitors jockey for the medium-sized ones and waits out the back for the bomb is the man who wins — even if it means only catching two waves in the entire heat. Look for guys like Greg Long and Shane Dorian to shine in this department.

Under The Condor’s Wing: Last year’s champ, Peter Mel knows Maverick’s better than anyone. We’ve been chasing him around leading up to the big day to bring you another episode of Peaking. You’ll see that in the near future, but Friday you will see him do what he does best. Look for him to make wise decisions, and look for him to make them boldly.