Five Photos You've Gotta See This Week: January 29

From Rincon to Snapper and Mex to Christian Fletcher's street-lawyer girlfriend.

Swells, at least those swells you count as "events", have been happening everywhere, but mostly in California. Photographers and pro surfers were mobilised by magazines this week and last in much the same manner as militia might be at the first sign of a foreign invader. From Ocean Beach in San Francisco to Santa Barbara and all through Baja Mexico, these men and gals trouped. Come here to see Evan Geiselman throwing his surfboards haunches into the air in Baja. Here to re-discover an old classic at Snapper in Queensland. Here for a taste of the good life in Carpinteria, California, and here for a roundabout glimpse into the father of the modern aerial, Christian Fletcher's life. Oh! And for a bonus, later-afternoon hit by Dane, Come hither!