Morning Links: Julian Wilson's Favourite Boards

Jules breaks down his seven favourite board models. Plus more Jaws, and Greg Long returns to Cortes.

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Julian Wilson, unlike every other surfer on the world tour (or even WQS) chooses not to commit to a full-time board sponsor, so that he has the freedom to ride whatever board models he so chooses. In this article with Stab Magazine, Julian lists his seven favourite board models, which include Mayhems, Channel Islands and JS.

Jaws has not stopped breaking this winter. Well, it has, but by the standards of previous winters, this one has been over-the-top fabulous. Brent Bielmann has been all over it, burning through memory cards, and gifting his shots to Surfing Magazine in the process. This is a second batch of visuals from the world's best big wave reef.

Yesterday we spoke with a man who pilots one of surfing's newest filming trends: Drones. The buzzing bird's eye view quad choppers are a bizarre addition to surf coverage, but certainly not an unwelcome one. This is a different take on the phenomenon, care of Surfer Magazine.

Carissa Moore is one female surfer who's recently spoken out about the current state of women's surfing and where she'd like to see it go in the immediate future. Inspiring others, like always, Carissa's words prompted Bec Woods to take a similar path. She just penned a letter for Surfing Life which is worth reading.

Last year, Greg Long almost lost his life at Cortes Bank, an outer reef that breaks a 10 hour boat ride from shore. Which is a serious place to gravely injure yourself. Never one to succumb to his fears, Greg recently travelled back to Cortes to take it on and face what nearly stole his life. Alone. Surfline has the full story.