Morning Links: Waimea River Shredding And More

North Shore portraits, off-season pastimes and story talk with Greg Noll. Plus, even more...
Philippines Perfection © Surfing/Duncan Macfarlane
By Elliot Struck

Waimea River turned on recently, and because he's a lover of all things novelty and keeping it fun in surfing, Jamie O'Brien was all over it (on one of his new Wade Tokoro shapes, as it were.

Nat Young had a blistering rookie year in 2013. So, how's he spending his stretch between the Billabong Pipe Masters and the Quiksilver Pro, Gold Coast, which kicks of on the first of March? Surfing Magazine caught up with the goofy footer and had him lay it down.

And, while you're over at Surfing, be sure to collect some of their newest Wallpapers (like the one above), free for download in hi-pixel glory.

You've just gotta be on top of webclips in this digital age, and Surfer conveniently pasted together the week's very best. Everything from Rincon to Jaws, to Julian Wilson shredding on the Sunshine Coast.

Portraits Of A North Shore Winter is an unmissable piece featuring the intimate work of Justin Jay. The New Yorker's unrestricted access and keen observations make for a really amazing snapshot of surfing's nirvana.

Greg Noll is a surfing legend in the truest sense of the term. So, when story is talked about Da Bull, we listen. Surfline recently did just that, and… we're listening very closely.

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