Clip Battles: Point Breaks vs New-Age Antics

Conner Coffin’s point break refined rail-work against Noa Deane’s explosive new-age antics.
Noa Deane flying high
Noa Deane taking flight on another Mexican right © DJ Struntz
By Teddy Ward

It's Tuesday fellas, which means we’re bringing you another day of Clip Battles. In this column, we pit two worthy Web opponents against each other and judge each clip's respective punch.

Last week, Koa Smith and Dylan Graves’ Filipino tubefest battled Dale Staples’ Mozambique surf safari.

And this week: Two extremely talented reg-footers (Conner Coffin and Noa Deane) with two very different approaches and edits.

While one struts his stuff upon the rolling, glistening canvases of Rincon Point, the other flies like an eagle from Australian beachbreak sections. It is a battle with unclear winners, but you will probably take a side, depending on your taste.

Have a look and wax up your board while you watch…’Cause after this, you’re gonna wanna shred.

Clip 1 — Conner Coffin: California Point Break Power

As seen, point break surfing ain’t like you’re regular homebreak hacking. It’s no pump-pump-boom sprint to the finish. Point breaks, and more specifically, Rincon are marathons, baby.

In his clip “El Rincon” Conner shows off his incredible distance runner skills. His combos are absolutely boggling (thanks to Rincon’s longevity), connecting roundhouse rebounds with frontside hacks with finner-reverses with an air to end it all...on more than one wave. There just simply are no solo-move rides in the clip.

Of course his patented power turns throw more water than a thrashing killer whale in heat, but I know I’ve harped on this detail before.

It’s the SPF (not in the sunscreen), but the Speed, Power and Flow that are paramount and exemplary in this edit. A tutorial in rail-to-rail pointbreak surfing. A how-to for the masses and experts alike.

But how’s it size up to Noa Deane’s impressive 7-minute short?

Clip 2 -- Noa Deane: Huge Slobs and Dane Turns

Sure, people can call Noa Deane just another Aussie flavor of the month, but quite simply, this latest edit “Cheese,” is kinda untouchable.

I haven’t seen a 19 year old put out a display of surfing this exciting and varied in, well, I can’t remember when. While longer then most clips these days, we truly get a glimpse at Noa’s patented, raw style. For instance, that no-grab full rotator at 0:40: Textbook Deane.

What’s really shocking is that Noa isn’t some 5’8” 150lb average Joe. The kid’s big. Nearly 6 feet tall and with heavy legs, stomping extremely HIGH airs. Like, as high as anyone.

Whether his umpteenth huge slob reverse, or breezy backside grab air, or Dane-inspired section smasher, Noa sends a heavy-ass message with this edit. While you probably won’t see him trying to qualify, you WILL see him in the next Kai Neville film and Joe G movie.

More than a flavor of the month, as seen in this edit, Noa just might be your next favorite surfer.

But which suited your likings more? Noa’s breakout freeflow, or Conner’s young wise tail-game?

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