Volcom Pipe Pro: Three Different Perspectives

Brian Bielmann, Larry Haynes, and Parker Coffin provide insight from different vantage points.
By Larry Earvin

Pipeline was proper, firing at 8-10 ft plus from the northwest, all lefts and nothing mellow about her, giving the Round of 96 and 64 opportunities for that “heat you’ve always dreamed of.”

With more than a few standout moments, we caught up with three key people from the contest to get their perspective of pipeline.

Award winning surf and water photographer Brian Bielmann with over 35 years experience captured a few of the standout moments of the day from the water inclduing a moment he shot focused on his favorite wave.

Legendary water videographer Larry Haynes sitting on the back of the ski shot his favorite moment from Day 2 directly looking into the pit .

Finally, Parker Coffin had himself a dream day at Pipe. While he was getting shacked during his heat, he had a front row seat to his favorite moment of the contest.

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