Who shot that: Master photographer, Peter Taras

The photo editor of Surfing magazine is, in fact, one of its greatest artists.

Peter Taras, from San Clemente in California, is that rare photo editor whose skills exceed most of the photographers whose work flows through his desk. Taras' photos are so multi-faceted, so technically sharp and so well thought-out, they remain impressed in your consciousness long after the magazine page is turned or the website clicked through.

Taras’ favourite photographers: “shoot very simple photographs that have an immediate feeling to them,” he says. “There are reasons why they shoot, and the photos say that. There's so much photography out there that doesn't say anything spiritually. This is the hardest thing to do in photography, and I think those moments are really what photography is.”

Taras says he gets inspired by going to galleries and photo-driven websites. “Staying away from Instagram and Facebook for true portrayals of photography is important because that’s the whole photo porno thing, and it's just not being delivered in any intimate setting whatsoever,” he says.

On a technical level, Taras uses Canon equipment but says that his favourite camera is the D4 Nikon.