Are You Ready For Who is JOB 4.0?

Jamie O’Brien, the man having the most fun in the surf world, releases a new season of Who is JOB.
By Larry Earvin

Who is JOB? Well, we’ve seen the movie a few years ago: some of the most incredible surfing on planet earth. Naturally, we wanted more.

So, he was kind enough to give us an original realty-show type web series called “Who Is JOB” and we kept watching and got to know the guy.

What have we learned of this mysterious leap-before-he-looks blonde? A life filled with adventure, baby. Like, surf a soft-top at Jaws, jump with hot babes off jungle waterfalls, charge Waimea shorebreak, fly down sewage drainpipe, laugh in the face of death-type adventure, baby.

In short, if life’s about having a blast, then Jamie’s extremely good at life.

The newest series of “Who Is JOB?” starts March 7th, so do not miss all ye admirers of fun and adventure.

I know we won’t…

Jamie O’Brien
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