Anastasia Ashley in Newest Sports Illustrated Swim

Yes, you heard right. P.Y.T. Anastasia hit the big leagues and looks quite comfy at bat.
Anastasia Ashley
Anastasia Ashley poses for Sports Illustrated. © Sports Illustrated
By Teddy Ward

It’s that time of the year again. Well, yeah, Event No. 1 of the Word Championship Tour starts March 1st, but we’re not talking about that. Were talking about Sports Illustrated’s annual, beloved Swimsuit issue.

And while it’s hard to keep your eyes off babes like Kate Upton, some of surfing’s own do in fact make the cut alongside the mainstream model’s names. Girls like Bruna Schmitz in 2011’s issue and Alana Blanchard in last year’s pages. But this year: California (and at times Oahu’s) Anastasia Ashley graces those coveted pages.

While most recently known for her controversial pre-heat twerk-outs and GoPro footy, besides being a bold, no bullshit stunner, Anastasia plain rips. After owning quite a few NSSA seasons in her early years, she’s been nominated for a 2013 XXL Big Wave overall performance award, has gotten a 3rd, 2nd and win at the annual Womens Pipeline Pro, has been an ASP Triple Crown Rookie of the Year…you not convinced yet?

Let’s just say she can back it up. No pun intended.

Jokes aside, it’s just plain rad to see some of the females that maybe we’ve seen via webcasts in jerseys, in something a little more comfortable. And really, there’s more than a few stunners on the Womens WCT today that could grace those pages, too. And then, of course, jump in the water and proceed to make most guys feel like they wanna quit surfing, they’re so good.

A new age is upon us.

Who might be the next woman pro surfer to get into the SI issue…Hmm?


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