What They'll Be Riding: Kolohe Andino At Quik Pro

Most guys will be riding something by DHD or JS – but Kolohe Andino ain't like most competitors.
Kolohe Andino
Kolohe Andino © @koloheandino62
By Brian Roddy

It's complicated. The relationship between a WCT surfer and their surfboard sponsor can be awkward. As a result, most 'CTers aren't too loyal. Their job is to perform, and they seek the best tools for their craft. At each stop on tour, most guys will order some boards from the pre-eminent local shaper. For example, at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, you'll be seeing a ton of JS and DHD surfboards. Only the finest.

Thing is, Kolohe Andino isn't like most competitors. Kolohe rides for one of the best shapers in the history of surfing, Matt Biolas of …Lost surfboards. Brother's got no need for a DHD. He trusts Matt's boards and Matt trusts him on them. Which is exactly why he's riding a 5'10" …Lost Sub Buggy on the Gold Coast.

The Sub Buggy is based off of Taj Burrow's wildly successful Beach Buggy model. It's an everyman's shortboard. Enough volume to go around. Beefy outline. A good kick in the tail rocker. This thing is an all-around weapon.

On his Sub Buggy, look for Kolohe to surf with a progressive flair while staying true to the purist rail work that he's become known for. In short, look for him to rip.

Kolohe Andino
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