Jaws Shows Its Teeth

Peahi’s big-wave hotbed goes haywire; producing plenty of XXL-nominee rides and wipeouts.
By Brian Roddy

Jaws is a little bit angry every single time it breaks. The wave is one of the most treacherous chunks of ocean this side of hell, truly earning its namesake. But this past weekend, Jaws was especially treacherous.

It was especially volatile. People got sent to the hospital. A boat flipped over. And some of the most exciting rides of the year went down.

Now let legendary lens-master Brian Bielmann's photos do the rest of the talking.

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Dan Ross, charging
Dan Ross, Jaws
Dan Ross, charging Remember when Dan Ross was on the WCT? Well, this is what his post-tour life looks like. © Brian Bielmann
Kai Lenny negotiates the drop
Kai Lenny, Jaws
Kai Lenny negotiates the drop Let’s talk business. © Brian Bielmann
Shane Dorian’s aquatic mountain
Shane Dorian, Jaws
Shane Dorian’s aquatic mountain A few days prior to this, Dorian was in the continental United States snowboarding. He booked a last-minute flight home to ride mountains that were a deeper shade of blue. © Brian Bielmann
Ian Walsh takes his turn
Ian Walsh, Jaws
Ian Walsh takes his turn Ian, along with Shane, was snowboarding just before this. Think he’s psyched to be back in board shorts? © Brian Bielmann
Damien Hobgood charges
Damien Hobgood, Jaws
Damien Hobgood charges Think Damo is missing competing at the 2014 Quik Pro Gold Coast? Our money says no. © Brian Bielmann
Volatility We weren't kidding — the ocean was angry. © Brian Bielmann
Unknown and insane
Unknown and insane Just your everyday, run-of-the-mill random dude who surfs massive waves. © Brian Bielmann
Ian Walsh, inflated
Ian Walsh
Ian Walsh, inflated The hunch on his back indicates that he had to deploy his inflatable safety vest. The smirk on the face indicates that he isn’t even rattled. © Brian Bielmann
Kai Lenny on the SUP
Kai Lenny
Kai Lenny on the SUP Taking a stand. © Brian Bielmann
Jaws The name says it all. © Brian Bielmann
Shane Dorian takes a dig
Shane Dorian
Shane Dorian takes a dig Just as every dog has its day, every king takes his tumble. © Brian Bielmann
Dege O’Connell on a bomb
Dege O'Connell
Dege O’Connell on a bomb Within the danger lies the thrill. © Brian Bielmann
Dege gets saved
Dege O'Connell wipeout
Dege gets saved It’s a brotherhood. Dege fell on that last wave and took a real beating. He then got scooped up by his fellow waterman and taken to the hospital. © Brian Bielmann
And then a boat flipped
Boat flipped
And then a boat flipped A rescue was necessary, but everyone survived without any life-threatening injuries. © Brian Bielmann