Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro Called ON

And it’s going to be BIG. Here’s your guide to the second-to-last stop on the Big Wave World Tour.
By Brian Roddy

There’s a wild beast brewing in the Northern Pacific. Actually, it’s already been brewed and it’s as wild as could be. A roaring swell is all set to slam into Oregon’s rugged coast and it will be delightfully complemented by rosy winds and weather. It’s the perfect recipe for a big wave contest. Cue the Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro.

Watch it live Today.

The DNS is the second to last stop on the 2013-2014 Big Wave World Tour. RedBull’s very own Jamie Sterling won here last year and he’ll be hunting for another win this time around. But if he truly wants to repeat, Jamie’s going to have to defeat a stacked draw of 24 surfers who are as hungry as a pack of endangered hyenas.

Oh and then there’s the world title race – Grant “Twiggy” Baker currently leads the ratings. So much drama, such little time. It’s enough to make your head spin.

But we don’t want that. We want your head to be good and stable. So, please, allow us to take you by the hand and guide you through what to keep an eye on during the 2014 Dive N’ Surf Oregon Pro at Nelscott Reef.

When Nelscott is XXL, it’s primarily a right. Which means that the right is a safer bet. Which means that the left is a riskier bet. Which means that going left pays off big time. We’ll likely see some hellmen strategically sitting on the left, searching for that big payday.

At the recent Maverick’s Invitational, Shawn Dollar went on a psychotic wave, fell and had to deploy his life vest. He then caught another bomb with his vest deployed, looking much like the hunchback of Notre Dame. The point is that this guy is a loose cannon. Whenever he’s surfing, you should be watching.

Haven’t heard much from Ramon Navarro lately? Expect that to change. Oregon is nobody’s tropical paradise and the cold, rough conditions are quite akin to Navarro’s Chilean home. That’s an advantage – just you watch.

Twiggy is going to be solid. Like, Kevlar solid. After losing his main sponsor earlier this year, Twig has been more fired up to succeed than anyone. He wants the BWWT title and he wants it bad. Look for him to finesse his way to the finals, and possibly to win.

Carlos Burle has been called a “tow guy” lately. Lest we forget, Carlos is one of the best big wave surfers ever, period. Look for him to remind the world of that little tidbit at Nelscott with his own two brawny arms.

That about covers it. Let’s all hope for a ton of big sets – and, of course, a safe day for all competitors.

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