Who is JOB 4.0, Ep. 6: Rodeo Step-offs

Treacherous Mexico by inflatable raft, semi-gun and raging bull? JOB and Co. head south.
By Larry Earvin

Strap on your sombreros, grab a bottle of tequila and wax up your step-off board cause in Episode 6, JOB and the boys have headed down to Mexico. And not just Baja, baby, but deep, dark and dirty Mainland Mex. Pascuales, to be exact.

Yep, with the honorable intentions of going berserk on one of the heaviest beachbreaks in the world (Pascuales), Jamie whips ol Poops into a few 10-foot closeouts, both on a surfboard and inflatable raft.

Which begs the question: Poopies has a passport? Go figure.

But playing around and packing death-pits with a GoPros ain’t all they got in store for ya…There’s a rodeo…With pretty pissed-off beasts, that Poops describes as, “A lot bigger than I thought.”

Does Poops survive the trip over? The closeouts at Pascuales? Bareback on a bull in his Speedos??

Do watch, curious viewers!!

Jamie O’Brien
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