The Wipeout Heard 'Round the World

Watch an exclusive interview with Tom Dosland, survivor of the bail of the century at Jaws.
By Josh T. Saunders

NORTH SHORE, Oahu — This winter has been one defined by the pushing of boundaries in surf, and Jaws has been host to some moments that will be etched into big-wave history. This wipeout, a 5-story yo-yo freefall into oblivion, won't soon be forgotten. Tom Dosland, a Maui charger and big-wave heavy, paddled out at the peak of the swell looking for one bomb he could hang his hat on for the rest of the year. This counts, yeah?

Tom Dosland Portrait

Dosland bounced back from the session and was in the Jaws lineup a day later, and then back surfing his heat at the Volcom Pipe Pro the day after that. "I'm just happy to be alive," said Dosland. "It kind of gives you some more confidence, you know. I think there's some more swells lining up, so we'll see."

"I'm just happy to be alive."

Billy Kemper vouched for Dosland's role in the Jaws lineup, calling him a big brother and one of the keepers of the keys to the wave. The Maui boys, and any other big-wave chargers they invite to join them at Jaws, have been pushing the limits all winter in waves of the XXL proportion, and this won't be the last game-changing clip we'll see this year.

The Volcom Pipe Pro carries on soon, live from Pipeline. Watch every heat on-demand with the Red Bull TV Heat Analyzer and tune in to Red Bull TV when the next El Niño swell arrives to enjoy the rest of the action from the North Shore.

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