Nic Lamb Is the Titan of Mavericks

A Santa Cruz son steps up in massive Mavs surf to take the win among 24 big-wave hellmen.
Nic Lamb
Nic Lamb © Tony Candas
By Josh T. Saunders

It started with 24, two dozen of the best big-wave chargers in the world, all with a special, sacred relationship with the cold-water arena in Half Moon Bay. With a strong WNW pulsing consistent 20-foot waves into Mavs, they battled out in 6-man heats until only one man stood standing. Here in 2016, at the conclusion of the inauguaral running of the Titans of Mavericks, that man was Nic Lamb.

Lamb, a Santa Cruz local and Mavs regular, was due a good result. From the event: "At 14 years old, Nic Lamb became one of the youngest surfers to ever charge Mavericks. In 2014, he was one of the youngest competitors in the event. The Santa Cruz native as grown up with Mavericks just around the corner, which gave him experience and practice in waves of consequence."

Watch: The Wave That Won It for Nic Lamb

Lamb's endurance and technical knowledge of the wave was on display throughout the event, and in the end it is what got him through the paddling, the wipeouts, and the rest of the competitors and onto the best wave of that final heat. Congratulations are in order for Nic Lamb, the first ever Titan of Mavericks.

Watch: Titans of Mavericks 2016

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