Mick Fanning and the Surf Discovery of the Decade

Welcome to "The Snake," the best empty, sand-bottom pointbreak we've seen since Skeleton Bay.
© Rip Curl
By Josh T. Saunders

"The Search" is alive and well, and Mick Fanning is at the helm of the ship. Fanning’s most recent expedition took him to this remote coastline, the location a secret, even in surfing’s tightest inner circles. As you’ll see above, the view Fanning was greeted with when the sun cracked the horizon made it all well worth it. A reeling sand-bottom point, like pumping Kirra or a reverse Skeleton Bay, but with tropical temps and completely deserted. Barrels for miles without a single other surfer in sight, almost too ideal to seem real.

In a time of Google Earth and geotags, the discovery of a new wave so perfect, and a lineup so empty, seems damn near impossible. Jealousy aside, there’s not a surfer in the world we’d rather see have it all to himself than Fanning. The wave has no single flaw, not a drop of water out of place, and it will remind many of the surreal wave pool visions that Kelly Slater dropped last year. As Rip Curl is sure to point out though, this “Ain’t No Wave Pool” — this is surf adventure at its finest.

Mick Fanning
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