Watch Kolohe Andino Bring the Freesurfing Fire

Join "Brother" as he sheds the jersey and blows up south of the border for proper off-season R&D.
By Andrew Lewis

It's possible — though not yet proven — that Kolohe Andino was born wearing a contest jersey. As the son of Southern California '80s ripper and world tour competitor Dino Andino, Kolohe was groomed to surf both as radically as possibly and as competitively as possible — a mean combination for any young world tour hopeful. 

That said, we don't get to watch a whole lot of Andino sans jersey these days now that he's got five years under his belt on the world tour. When we do, however, it's electrifying.

Kolohe Andino, fin throw in France
Kolohe Andino, power with speed and dance © Ryan Miller

Exhibit A, the brilliant 2:30 edit from filmer Shane Fletcher above. Fletcher tailed Andino on a trip to Mexico this past year and captured some of that signature blend of new school power that earned Andino the number four rank on the world tour this past year.

In years past, contest jerseys meant safe surfing. In his early days on tour, Andino admittedly prescribed to that norm. But things have changed drastically in the last two years. More and more, he's been going for broke, contest or no contest, and the transition has only made him better. Consider this fiery edit a taste of what the nearly 23-year-old California prodigy is about to bring to the 2017 tour. 


Kolohe Andino
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