Lilou at the Red Bull BC One Camp in France
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Relive 20 years of breaking with B-Boy Lilou

Legendary B-Boy Lilou is celebrating 20 years in breaking. To showcase his journey, we're bringing you a website that looks at 20 years of hip-hop through the eyes of Lilou himself.
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For two decades Ali Ramdani, better known as B-Boy Lilou, has been hitting the streets, battles and raw cyphers all over the world. Whether he's together with his Pockemon Crew, the Red Bull BC One All Stars or as a solo B-Boy, he's inspired generations of aspiring dancers around the globe.
Lilou sharing his knowledge in a workshop in 2015.
Lilou teaching a workshop in Chile
So, to celebrate this we're launching the Lilou 20-year anniversary website on July 4. It features a timeline of the most memorable moments, the highs and lows of his career and memories that Lilou has never shared before.
Lilou doing an airfreeze variation in Marrakech
B-boy Lilou during the BC One All Star Tour 2018