Sally Fitzgibbons Tearing Through Blue

Sally Fitz Wins Roxy Pro; Carissa Leads Ratings

Sally shines in France, and now only one event separates Carissa Moore from her second world title.
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Sally Fitzgibbons, Sans Grab
Sally Fitzgibbons, Sans Grab
It was about damn time. Sally Fitzgibbons has worn the burden of being the Mick Fanning of the 2013 ASP Women's World Tour — ultra-consistent, but never able to finish. Sally had made two finals and two semis heading into France, but she'd never tasted the sweet champagnes of victory. She just changed that stat in Biarritz.
Sally's win came in crispy, 3-4 foot conditions. She was the form surfer of the event, but there was a tense feeling in that French air. A world title was on the line for Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright. It'd be Carissa's second; or Tyler's first. Sally axed her good friend 'Riss in the semis, putting a halt to her title hopes. Then, Sally went on to do Carissa a favor in the final by beating Tyler, who had been running amok on the other side of the draw.
Once the fat lady sung, Carissa still held onto the ratings lead — but only by the slightest margin. The next event is in Portugal on October 3-7, and it will be winner takes all.