Freeskier Fabian Lentsch geht auf Reise



In diesem Jahr möchte der Tiroler der Spontanität freien Lauf lassen und mit seiner Crew dem Schnee hinterher reisen. Alle Updates findest du auf Fabians Facebook Page „Purchase the movie in HD & 4K UHD on Vimeo On Demand

„SNOWMADS - A Journey Towards Eastern Suns“ is a film about Austrian freeskier and big mountaineer Fabian Lentsch realizing his long-cherished dream to discover the middle east, together with a group of like-minded skiers and friends in order to find unspoiled skiing lines by rebuilding an old fire truck to the perfect adventurous vehicle. Fabian and his crew of Snowmads dive into the versatile and colorful cultures of Turkey, Iran and Georgia by facing the challenge to head into the unknown and getting in touch with local natives and experience an incomparable time together exploring new terrains.

A film by NINE&ONE in co-production with Red Bull Media House produced by graupause.