12 of the best BMX films you can stream right now

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Looking to get your fix of BMX action? You're in the right place. From deep-dive documentaries to some of the best riding around, these movies on Red Bull TV take some beating.
By Toby Martin and Rajiv DesaiPublished on
BMX is a pretty diverse culture. What started as a few kids emulating the motocross heroes of their local tracks now features die-hard street riders, secret trail shredders and those pushing the limits of what’s possible.
For as long as people have been throwing themselves down handrails or pedalling at sculpted dirt chasms, there’s been no shortage of talented filmmakers to provide the footage that disproves the fiction.
Sit back and immerse yourself in this run down of the 12 best BMX films and documentaries you can watch online right now.

1. BMX in Nigeria

BMX · 12 min
BMX Nigeria
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One of the most well-documented phenomenons between riders is the levelling power of BMX – how riding these small bikes removes boundaries of age, race and gender. Finding that documented on film isn’t so easy, though. But this video on the BMX scene in Lagos, Nigeria is essential viewing for its up-front depiction of two riders, Star Boy and S King.
The stories of the two riders are so humbling and so relatable to anyone who has placed passion above everything else; their love for BMX so tangible it’ll provide any viewer with a taste of the freedom they enjoy.

2. Etnies: Chapters

BMX · 1 h 13 min
Etnies: Chapters
If there was ever talk of a BMX-based Avengers film, then this might be the team to fulfill the needs of the director. Apparel brand Etnies has over recent years built a force to be reckoned with in the form of its own all-star team of heavy hitters.
An opening section from style-cat Chase Hawk and ending section from Nathan Williams set the tone for the all-out offensive that is Chapters. Plus with a cameo from Brandon Semenuk, this film really has something for everyone. Strap yourself in for a cross section of two-wheeled extremities.

3. Encouraged

BMX · 24 min
Half documentary, half riding edit, this video follows street riding sensation Courage Adams as he traces his roots back to Nigeria. While the riding is of course amazing to watch, it’s the perspective of being a sponsored professional that might really surprise you here. Adams meets with riders who realistically have a far smaller chance of realising their dreams because of their situation, yet as we discover Nigeria with Courage it becomes apparent that the situations of these riders are not so different after all.

4. The Bits of Baco

BMX · 1 h 13 min
The Bits of Baco
Remember 2018’s cult classic Mid90s from Jonah Hill? Well, this was it, but set in the Midwest, on two wheels not four, and as real as it gets. Baco will stir up many good memories for any mid-schooler worth their salt, and while for the full effect “you had to be there”, the current zeitgeist makes this footage more relevant than ever.
Check this documentary to discover the influence a tight-knit group of friends had upon the world, filming their antics and madness.

5. Kaleidscope

Bike · 26 min
Kriss Kyle's Kaleidoscope
Normally when you think BMX, you think of dusty dirt jumps and small-confined skateparks. It’s not something you tend to associate with moody lighting, techy cinematography, movie sound stages, cleverly constructed mechanical sets and Hollywood-type directors.
Released back in 2015, Kriss Kyle’s Kaleidoscope rethought that notion. Teaming up with esteemed set designer and first-time director Ben Scott of Ridley Scott Associates, the Scottish biker’s Kaleidoscope project was seen as a game-changer for bike videos. It saw Kyle perform a number of world-first BMX tricks on moving obstacles in an ever-changing environment. Not everything is quite what it seems in Kaleidscope

6. The Learning Curve

BMX · 40 min
The Learning Curve
To be a master of two sports is a feat many have tried, but few have accomplished. Drew Bezanson is regarded as one of the top BMX riders in the world and back in 2016 he attempted to reach the top in another bike sport, slopestyle mountain biking.
The aim was to compete at slopestyle's biggest event, Red Bull Joyride. The Learning Curve follows Bezanson's journey as he experiences the highs of lows and of entering a new sport with the goal of competing at the absolute highest level.

7. The Land of Everyday Wonder

BMX · 16 min
The Land of Everyday Wonder
As we've seen (above) in Kaleidscope, Kriss Kyle isn't afraid to push the boundaries of BMX freestyle riding. He's constantly looking to innovate and he takes that mantra to everything he rides. Whether it be performing new tricks or choosing a new location spot he's always looking to do something out of the ordinary.
Which brings us to The Land of Everyday Wonder where Kyle took his riding talents to towns and cities across Denmark to ride and perform tricks on rollercoasters, boats and planes. Not your everyday street furniture, I think we can all agree. Insane drop-ins have somewhat become Kyle's trademark and you won't be disappointed here. A paraglide is involved. We won't say any more, you'll have to watch the film to find out what was involved. The drop-in is certainly up there with a previous one from Kyle, where he arrived on the top of the Burj Al Arab building in Dubai by helicopter.

8. Clockwork 60

BMX · 12 min
The carrot of competing at the Olympics provides the narrative to Clockwork 60, a series of films that follows a group of elite BMX Park athletes as they look to gain points and qualify for Tokyo.
Filmed over the course of 2019, we get an insight into the thoughts of Rim Nakamura, Marin Ranteš, Daniel Dhers, Irek Rizaev and Daniel Sandoval as they take part in qualifying competitions at the FISE BMX World Series events in Hiroshima (Japan), Montpellier (France) and Chengdu (China).

9. Walls

BMX · 4 min
You surely remember Bas Keep’s short Walls film, right? What, no? Have you been living under a rock? Two years in the making, where BMX street meets park and that iconic picture.
What you might not have caught is the behind-the-scenes video. Watch as the rider assembles a team of his closest friends to pull off some of the most daring and progressive transition riding ever undertaken. With dummy warehouse set-ups, security guard confrontations and even a speedo attached to his handlebars, this first-hand account might leave you questioning just about every other video you’ve watched.

10. Raditudes

BMX · 9 min
The victory feeling
Ever wondered what's it like to be a BMX pro and travel the world doing what you love? Then the Raditudes series may just be the ticket.
It's an intimate behind-the-scenes look into the lives of Tyler Fernengel, Drew Bezanson, Mike 'Hucker' Clark, Corey Bohan, Sergio Layos and Anthony Napolitan. Raditudes focuses on their biggest movements and we see what motivates them to push the boundaries of BMX freestyle forward. There's three seasons worth of films to watch so there's plenty to get stuck into.

11. 3 Day Metro Pass

BMX · 4 min
The joy of travelling is enhanced by the diversity of life, and when it comes to BMX street riding, it's much the same. Hustle and bustle, or beaches and boulevards; there's always something to ride, it's just down to finding it.
The 3 Day Metro Pass films were created with this in mind. The premise of the concept is simple. Bring together an array of BMX Street riding talent together and then hand them a metro/underground pass to find and ride street spots in any given city across the world. Every city is different, yet all can offer up something for anyone with open eyes and a creative mind. The cities featured include Vancouver, Barcelona, Washington DC, Lisbon, Prague and Milan.

12. Bicycle Motocross

BMX · 7 min
Bowie & Hucker: Bicycle Motocross
Corey Bohan, Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, and BMX racer Leanna Curtis team up to thwart a bank robbery in this tongue-in-cheek homage to the film that put Nicole Kidman on the map. Well, maybe not quite, but BMX is proud to have played a part in her career with BMX Bandits.
The 80s are synonymous with bright coloured BMX riders dressed as power rangers, and while it’s strange to see some modern day pros don the garb of yesteryear, it’s undoubtedly cool. How many other videos in this list include an exploding barrel rolling car and a milkshake stop? Exactly.