Mitch Guthrie Jr. of Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team USA performs during Testing for Dakar 2024 in Merzouga, Morocco on October 9, 2023.
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Rally Raid

Enjoy a marathon session of the 10 best rally-raid videos

Rally-raid combines speed, endurance and adventure in some of the most remote locations in the world. Here's our selection of top videos that show this discipline at its best.
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Get to know the compete in rally-raid and discover what it takes to conquer the vast distances of the Dakar Rally, Rallye du Maroc and other amazing events in this selection of the 10 best rally-raid videos available to watch now on Red Bull TV.

The brand-new Dakar Rally route for 2024

The 2024 Dakar Rally is just around the corner and the towering dunes of Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter desert await those brave enough to take them on. The action starts with a Prologue Stage in AlUla on Friday, January 5 before the convoy tackle 12 Special Stages and close to 8,000km in total distance. Reaching the finish line at the Dakar counts as success and the chequered flag will be waved in Yanbu on Friday, January 19.
The two-week Dakar Rally is on a scale like nothing else in the world, so here are some big numbers to illustrate this!
  • The total distance of the 2024 Dakar Rally route is 7,891km; this is comprised of 4,727km of timed specials and 3,164km of liaison. The longest day of the rally will be Sunday, January 14 with a total of 873km to be covered, including a timed special stage measuring 483km.
  • The 46th edition of the Dakar welcomes 778 competitors in 434 race vehicles representing 187 teams. There are 137 Bikes entered and 72 Cars (Ultimate category). There will also be 46 Trucks, 42 Challengers (formerly T3), 36 SSVs and 10 Quads. There’s a further 80 vehicles booked into the Classic class. There are 135 Rookies gearing up for their first Dakar and a total of 72 nationalities (including support crews) at this truly global event.
  • The vast logistic operation behind the Dakar includes two ships, three planes, 15 helicopters and 100 trucks plus 500 event staff. The Dakar bivouac is home to over 3,000 people and is 200,000 square metres in size. The bivouac’s catering tent serves upwards of 8,000 meals every day. There’s 300,000 bottles of water at the Dakar and a lot of cans of Red Bull!
Get to know the 2024 Dakar Rally route below...

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Covering 5,000km, the Dakar Rally 2024 is made up of 1 prologue, 12 challenging stages and 14 days of racing.


In the Dust: All new for 2024

Going beyond the race result and deeper into what makes the Dakar a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, In the Dust will be telling the raw and honest story of the rally in 2024. Make sure to tune into the very latest Dakar content on Red Bull TV.

Dive into the World Rally-Raid Championship

When it comes to rally-raid, there’s no doubt that the Dakar Rally is the big one. But once the Dakar is wrapped up by the middle of January each year, what are the world’s best rally-raiders expected to do for the rest of the year? Since 2022 they have had the World Rally-Raid Championship to compete in. The Dakar is the first stop of a five race series that visited Abu Dhabi, Mexico, Argentina and Morocco as well as Saudi Arabia in 2023. Watch highlights from this year’s season finale – Rallye du Maroc – below.

27 min

Rallye du Maroc

Watch highlights from the final round of the 2023 W2RC Championship – the 24th edition of the Rallye du Maroc.



Where there's desert there's racing

Away from the Dakar Rally, in his native Australia, Toby Price has been putting the wheels in motion for a switch to car racing in the near future. Nowhere has this been more evident than at the Finke Desert Race. After winning six Finkes on a bike, Price now races in the car class. Success has followed Price onto four wheels, and he has won the past three car races at Finke. Take a trip to the Finke Desert Race by watching Toby Price: Ridin' Shotgun below...

54 min

Toby Price: Ridin’ Shotgun

Can Toby Price become the undisputed king of the Australian desert in 2021 by finally winning on four wheels?

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Rally-raid on the world's tallest building

Two-time Dakar Rally winner Sam Sunderland dashes through the desert dunes, golf courses and shopping malls of Dubai to be on top of the Burj Khalifa. Watch it all happen below in Yalla...

7 min

Sam Sunderland: Yalla

Rally Raid hero Sam Sunderland is late for a photoshoot at the Burj Khalifa. Can he get there on time?

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Cracking up with Toby Price

Two-time Dakar champion, Baja racer and all-round good egg Toby Price is in cracking form in his short film, Cracked, in which he shows off his bike and trophy truck driving skills on an adventure that brings together some classic Australian iconography, including a kangaroo, a kookaburra, and, of course, Toby’s home-styled mullet. Keep an eye out for a cameo from another Australian icon, big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones.

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Toby Price races through the Australian Outback with his rally bike to deliver a carton of eggs.



Meet the rally-raid heavyweights

The 1150bhp, 9.5-tonne Kamaz Master racing truck is an awe-inspiring, record-breaking machine and none of the numbers are small: these trucks have taken 19 victories at the Dakar Rally – that’s more than the next five teams combined. David O’Caoimh picks out 10 amazing facts about the Kamaz race truck.

3 min

10 facts about the Kamaz Master Truck

David O'Caoimh guides you through 10 fun facts about the impressive Kamaz Master Truck.



The best seat in the house

The vast deserts of Saudi Arabia provide a breathtaking setting for this extended montage of aerial footage and onboard shots from the Dakar Rally’s first foray into Saudi Arabia. Watch spectacular rally-raid footage as the bikes, cars and trucks tackle towering dunes and long, hard roads with the desert stretching away far over the horizon.

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POV and aerial action clip

Enjoy aerial and POV views of the action as the Dakar Rally heads across Saudia Arabia's vast deserts.



Tales from the Dakar bivouac

The Dune Days vlog takes you way behind-the-scenes at the Dakar Rally. In the episode below we visit the Rest Day bivouac and see how misleading a name can be. At the Dakar there’s no such thing as rest so the Rest Day bivouac is actually a hive of activity with machines being worked on left, right and centre.

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Rally rest day

Take a look at what drivers, riders and crews get up to when they make it to a rest day at the Dakar Rally.



Conquering the most dangerous road in the world

What’s the best vehicle for racing through 13 hairpins as you climb up a narrow mountain road with no crash barriers? Your first pick would probably not be a 9.5-tonne truck. But the men who race Kamaz Master trucks are not like normal men. They spit gasoline in the face of danger. Watch how we filmed a promo clip featuring a race between two-time Dakar winner Dmitri Sotnikov and Turkish rally champion Yağız Avcı as they take on the most dangerous road in the world, AKA the Road of Death, AKA the Highway to Hell AKA the D915 Bayburt Road in Turkey.

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How to film a race on the world's most dangerous road

The Kamaz truck and a rally car go head-to-head on the terrifying hairpin bends of Turkey's D-915.


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Dakar Rally 2024

The 2024 Dakar Rally promises to be another epic rally-raid adventure over the sand dunes with a host of established global stars and talented young racers out to impress.

Nasser Al-Attiyah

Nasser Al-Attiyah is the sporting hero of his native Qatar – he's won the Dakar Rally on five occasions while also excelling in skeet shooting.


Toby Price

There would be few better liked or more respected off-road racers than Toby Price. The Maitland, NSW, native is, by this point in his career, one of the best to ever do it.


Sam Sunderland

Sam Sunderland is a rally raid biker with GasGas Factory Racing. He's also a two-time Dakar winner and a true international star.

United KingdomUnited Kingdom

Sébastien Loeb

French driver Sébastien Loeb's domination of the rally-driving world has earned him the nickname of Le Patron, or 'The Boss'.


FIA World Rally-Raid Championship

Stunning locations and diverse terrain set the scene for the 2023 Championship, which covers five events.

4 Seasons · 10 episodes

Toby Price: Ridin’ Shotgun

Can Toby Price become the undisputed king of the Australian desert in 2021 by finally winning on four wheels?

54 min

Dune Days

Follow along on the journey through all of the major Rally Raid events of the 2019 season.

2 Seasons · 12 episodes