The best day ever at P-Pass
© Ted Grambeau

10 of the best shots ever of P-Pass

An easy roll-in into one of the world’s most photogenic barrels. What’s not to love?
By Derek Rielly
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It isn't the easiest wave in the world to get to. It's an island-hop across the Pacific that doesn't give much change back from 20-hours if you're coming from anywhere other than, say, Japan.
Even when you're on the island of Pohnpei in the Caroline Islands, there in the Federated States of Micronesia, it's still a 20-minute boat ride to get to a wave that, more often than not, is afflicted by wind.
The great thing about P-Pass, the righthander that breaks on an abrupt hunk of reef in the Palikir Pass (hence P-Pass), is it can handle swell (just off the back off the reef are radical drop-off) but can still be ridden at three foot.
The world's best surfers know all about it. They know it's a barrel that is as photogenic as it is challenging. And so when conditions show (north swells, no wind), tickets are booked and photographers engaged. And over the years, the best in the biz have set-up in the channel and captured this wave at its best.
Following, in this gallery, is the work of Raymon Collins, Ted Grambeau and DJ Struntz.