Buddy Chellan Action Shot Cape Town, SA 2009

Buddy Chellan in the Spotlight

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool

A look at Buddy Chellan's influences as a street BMXer, and growing up in Cape Town.

Buddy began riding at 13 years old, hanging out with older riders on his heavy, duct-taped Hoffman bike. His creativity and fearlessness on two wheels helped him to push the boundaries of street BMX. But even from a young age, Buddy managed to craft a strong and smooth style of riding that continues to earn him props from his fellow riders. 

According to friend James Brawn, Buddy is still one of the most stylish riders in Africa. And although he is described as “elusive” by fellow rider and friend Greg Illingworth, his style and sophistication in the saddle means that he is still very much part of the South African scene.

Growing up in Cape Town, Buddy and his crew were able to find a multitude of sweet riding spots. He also regularly visited Camo’s, the famous dirt trails where the “forefathers’ of BMX riding in South Africa could be found.

Back in the 90s, when Buddy and his friends were growing up in Cape Town, it was often felt that there were just two choices – be a gangster, or be a BMX rider. Visiting Camo’s regularly allowed Buddy to get away from the world and just keep riding.

Almost 15 years on from his early days at Camo’s, Buddy can still be found riding the parks and trails of his native Cape Town. He still feels he has so much more to give – further to go, and a future in sports. “One day. We’ll get there slowly. Patience,” he quips.

Check out the video above to find out more about Buddy's take on BMX and growing up in Cape Town.