One (of many) paragliders in the water that day

It’s not only flight that counts in paragliding

The landing can be just as important. As proved by these biggest fails of Red Bull Elements 2016.

At Red Bull Elements, a pure outdoors sports relay race around the Annecy lake, paragliding holds a pretty central place. Not only because the pilots get the relay after the trail runners and before the mountain bikers, but also because it is certainly the most technical discipline of the race. The paragliders have to complete three different flights, intertwined with some running parts, and the last landing is on a platform directly on the lake. Easy peasy right? Not so much. The platform is anything but big and the pilots have to master the art of aiming right for the bull’s eye. And even if they manage to put their feet on it, it’s not given that they will manage to stay on it without sliding to the other side and falling into the water. That’s even more true when the platform is completely wet from the rain, like it was last Saturday for the 2016 edition! You think you have what it takes to participate? The registration is already open for the 2017 edition!

Written by Nicolas Guiloineau