The fastest circuits in F1.
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The 5 fastest F1 circuits in the world

Full throttle! From Monza to Suzuka to Spa-Franchorchamps - here are the high-speed race tracks in Formula 1.
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Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

The track in Jeddah may be one of the youngest on the Formula 1 racing calendar, but it has already secured its place in the hit list of the fastest circuits. On the almost 2.5 km long main straight, the drivers often reach over 320 km/h. At the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was even flashed at almost 335 km/h. Not bad!
Mexico's Sergio Pérez celebrates his victory at the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Sergio Pérez on the track at the 2023 Saudi Arabian GP

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In Jeddah, however, not only the courage to go fast is put to the test, but also the technical skills of the drivers. Three extremely fast right-hand bends demand maximum precision and control from the pilots. Lap times speak for themselves when it comes to proving that the Jeddah Corniche Circuit is among the fastest circuits. Incidentally, this year it was Max Verstappen who slammed the fastest lap time before securing second place and leaving victory to his teammate Sergio Pérez.

Monza - Italy

What would Formula 1 be without Monza? The famous and undisputed "Temple of Speed" is one of the most iconic circuits on the F1 calendar and rightly considered one of the fastest in the world. After a long straight at top speed, the F1 superstars have to deal with the infamous variant del Rettifilio and just before the finish with the Parabolica corner (renamed Curva Alboreto since 2021). Monza is and remains the perfect playground for anyone looking for speed.
The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is one of the fastest racetracks in the world.

The legendary "Temple of Speed"

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In 2020, Lewis Hamilton set the record for the fastest lap in Formula 1 history here (1 min 18.887 seconds) at an incredible average speed of 264.362 km/h. Previously, Kimi Raikkonen was the record holder.
A few years earlier, in 2005, Juan Pablo Montoya accelerated his McLaren MP4/20 to 372.2 km/h in a private practice session. Sergio Pérez reached a top speed of 360 km/h in the sprint race. So we can look forward to the future with excitement.

Spa Francorchamps - Belgium

When the Belgian Grand Prix arrives, fans can usually look forward to thrilling races with top-class high-speed action (apart from the 2021 Grand Prix, which was shortened due to torrential rain).
The cars accelerate to over 300 km/h on the famous Kemmel Straight.
Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit during the 2022 Belgian Grand Prix.

Sergio and Max at Spa 2022

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In the run-up to every F1 race in Belgium, the racing teams must therefore find the perfect balance between low aerodynamic drag and maximum speed on the straight. At the same time, the cars have to have enough grip to avoid sliding off the track in the fast corner combinations of Eau Rouge, Raidillon, Pouhon and Blanchimont.
"Spa was always my favorite circuit, even before I got into Formula 1," reveals Max Verstappen. That hasn't changed to this day." Need we say more?

Suzuka - Japan

The race track in Suzuka, Japan is probably the fastest roller coaster globally. With its unmistakable route, the circuit is known for its unique and technically extremely demanding curves, which pose a considerable challenge to drivers every year.
The Japanese Grand Prix at the Suzuka circuit in 2022.

Suzuka in the rain

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One of the most symbolic parts of the circuit is undoubtedly the "S by Suzuka", a combination of corners that the F1 stars drive at maximum speed. Despite the many corners, the average speed in Suzuka is an unbelievable 240 km/h.
But that's not all, as Suzuka is also home to the famous "R130" -- an ultra-fast left-hand bend that drivers must hit with pinpoint precision. The corner is generally regarded as one of the key points in the entire racing calendar.
Despite the many twists and turns, Suzuka wouldn't be Suzukua without its 1.2km straight, where Yuki Tsunoda clocked a speed of 305.7km/h.

Istanbul Park - Türkiye

In the past, the Istanbul Park Circuit offered us spectacular high-speed action with average speeds of 232 km/h. This high value is partly due to the first turn after the start, which runs downhill: the famous "Turkish Corkscrew".
On the Istanbul Park Circuit, the Formula 1 drivers have to reckon with a significant gradient.

In Istanbul, the pilots have to cope with the difference in altitude

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But the Istanbul F1 circuit has more to offer: the second sector's quadruple links symbolize Turkey's exciting and fast corner sequences. After this passage, the drivers head onto a first straight, followed by a chicane and a second, even longer one. A look at the speedometer shows that the drivers here reach well over 315 km/h. Luckily there is no flash here!
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