Mad Mike and Lachlan Power with the Red Bull Rx7
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Lachlan Power talks '50 Hours of Red Bull'

Australian gaming personality Lachlan Power enters the world of Red Bull with high-flying aerobatics in Australia, skydiving in the USA, and drifting, go-karting, and trophy trucks in New Zealand!
By Andrew Cotman
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We recently partnered with Lachlan Power, the brain behind Team PWR - a gaming and lifestyle-focused collective made up of gamers, creators, and influencers to help us better connect with, and support Australia's thriving gaming scene!
When it comes to the gaming universe you can be anything and do everything, there are countless worlds to explore, protagonists to play, and often vehicles, planes, and boats to drive, fly, and ride.
Easily the most popular modern game of all time is EPIC's open-world jewel Fortnite - a 100-player battle royale! You can build, swim, drive, jump, fly (shout out to Season 7 fans), grapple, glide and so much more!
It occurred to us pretty quickly that in our world, Red Bull athletes are doing some of those same unique things including drifting, skydiving, and aerobatics... and so the '50 Hours of Red Bull' project was born!

Who is Lachlan Power?

I have the POWER

I have the POWER

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Lachlan Power is a well-known Australian YouTuber and internet personality.
He's gained significant global fame through his YouTube channel where he creates content focused on Fortnite - a far cry from his first job stacking shelves at Coles!
As for the grind, he's been actively creating content since 2013 and has built a large following mainly across YouTube.
As for the channel, you'll often see him playing with other well-known Australian and global Fortnite players including LazarBeam, Muselk, TBNRfrags, Dakotaz, Fresh and more where they compete in fun challenges while entertaining his much-loved community.
Lachlan's determination has seen him push gaming in Australia to new heights... until we got a hold of him and took him even higher!

What was '50 hours of Red Bull'?

What started as a throwaway idea soon turned into a much bigger project between the two camps with the idea of each of their worlds coming together.
The eventual plan meant Lachlan would be traversing the globe and not only meeting the ultimate Red Bull athletes but getting a front-row seat to each of their own, insane worlds.
50 Hours of Red Bull was probably one of the most intense things I've ever done and filmed for my channel. Flying across the world, three different countries, and more than 30 hours in a plane meeting some of the coolest Red Bull athletes who are masters of their crafts was crazy but super inspiring.
The project was a slight shift away from Lachlan's gaming-focused YouTube channel.
Usually, you'd find him in his studio commentating Fortnite gameplay with action on the full screen and a small cutaway of Lachlan on the left, but this project meant stepping out into the world, in front of the camera... and touching grass!
I was honestly stoked because I hadn’t experienced anything like this before. We had talked about the idea of doing something with Red Bull for a few months, and I just really wanted to see what crazy things I could experience and how we could make it into a piece of content not only my own YouTube channel but the broader audience.
On with the show!

Hitting 8Gs with Matt Hall

Lachlan Power hits 8Gs with Matt Hall

Lachlan Power hits 8Gs with Matt Hall

© Red Bull

Matt Hall is one of those names that gives people a quizzed look on their faces. It rings a bell but often, people can't quite place the name. That changes within seconds of seeing him performing high-flying aerobatics in his state-of-the-art two-seater plane.
In terms of the project, it was a no-brainer bringing the two together. One drops out of the Battle Bus on Fortnite, and the other, a high-flying maverick.
I think the standout moment for me probably has to be the experience with Matt Hall, just flying in a plane that fast, and hitting those GS (Gforce) was insane, but also just the scenery and being upside down and looking down at the beach near Adelaide was just such a cool experience.
They hit several G's including a full 8G's that saw Lachlan pass out for a moment before regaining consciousness again, something you have to see!

Paper, Scissors, Rock with the Red Bull Air Force

Red Bull Air Force drop with Lachlan Power

Red Bull Air Force drop with Lachlan Power

© Red Bull

Red Bull Air Force are a squad made up of 8 skydivers! Between them they've dived 10,000+ times and are regarded as THE most accomplished and experienced aviation crew in the world.
Lachlan has never experienced skydiving before even though he'd dropped out of the Battle Bus in Fortnite some 10,000+ times himself so he was up for the challenge!
obviously jumping out of a plane… I've never done that before so that was a completely new experience.
Adding to that he decided to throw down a game of Paper, Scissors, Rock mid-drop making this one hell of a dive.
Who won? You'll have to watch the full video to see!

Drifting at 170km/h with Mad Mike

Those unfamiliar with New Zealand driver Mad Mike should know he is considered the godfather of extreme motorsports and has been for well over 20 years. He recently broke two more world records at Pikes Peak's famed uphill course. This means he rounds out 2023 as holding the records for the fastest Mazda and the fastest rotary up the hill in his 1400hp weapon.
His compound in New Zealand is an to all things motorsports with drift cars, trophy trucks, go-karts, and more taking up every inch of space. We're not talking stock either with everything modified and tuned to the utmost limit ready for the track on-road and off.
Lachlan touched down in New Zealand got a tour of the Mad Mike complex and the two hit it off instantly. They checked out the stable of cars together including a ridiculous drift Lambo and Lachlan even had a go on a full-blown driving simulator.
To get Lachlan into the proper gear, Mad Mike gifted him is very own custom Red Bull racing helmet which he popped on before hitting the track.
At first, it was racing around in go-karts before leveling up in Mike's Mazda RX7 hitting some serious angles and taking corners at 170km/h sideways.
After that, they jumped into a custom Trophy Truck and hit some off-road sections near the compound, chaos ensued.

Getting away from the gaming rig!

Is this the beginning of a new dimension of Lachlan Power? It seems so when asked if he'd be up for even more extreme action.
It was great to step away from the PC to film a piece of content like this for Red Bull, I don't know if we’ll be able to get something as cool as this, because we aimed so high, but would definitely love to do more of these in the future if they present an opportunity. I'm trying to think what I would add to the list, maybe driving an F1 car. That would be pretty cool. Not me driving of course (laughing).
For now though, he's back streaming on his Youtube channel where you can watch him daily.