Nouria Newman 21m waterfall

Watch this kayaker take on a 21m waterfall

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French kayaker Nouria Newman goes for it at Oregon’s Koosah Falls with a mind-blowing 21-metre drop.

There are two ways to visit the American state of Oregon: you can take the classic tourist route with a mandatory stop in Portland and a tour bus ride in the ancient forests of the Beaver State. Or if you're feeling adventurous you could jump in a kayak and experience one of the most intense rides of your life at Koosah Falls.

Think we're exaggerating? Watch the POV video in the player above and see for yourself!

This is one of the most difficult waterfalls to navigate, so we're not really suggesting you take the second travel option. This spot is only for extremely experienced kayakers like French white-water specialist Nouria Newman. “At Koosah Falls, the problem isn't the waterfall itself, but the rapids just above,” she explains. “There is a technical move to be done just upstream of the rapids and the smallest mistake can have heavy consequences: if you go too far to the right, there isn't enough air, so the impact is really violent. Further to the left is better, but if you go too far, you'll land on the rocks."

A few moments before Newman went for the line, one of the kayakers with her took the wrong trajectory and his kayak bent violently on impact. Thankfully, another adventurer showed a better example. “ Dane Jackson took a good line and it made me change my mind. Normally, if I'm not 100 percent confident from the moment I see a rapid, I don't go. That's one of my golden rules. But this time, I felt it, so I went."

Newman admits she still got a little scared during her run. “My line was close to perfect but I had a little bit too much speed and in the middle of the fall, I thought I was going to go over my boat, but I managed to save it."

The result: a major accomplishment in Newman's career and some amazing POV footage. Watch the video now!

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