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Former pro surfer Paul Fisher on his career move into music

FISHER is making waves in the music scenes now.
By Uppy Chatterjee
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If you’re a surfer or follow surfing closely, you’re probably well acquainted with Gold Coast’s Paul Fisher, a former WQS surfer, vlogger and now – a musician.
Following the successes of his vlogging at Follow The Fish (on both and on Instagram), the cheeky character is now making music as producer FISHER and one half of Aussie DJ duo Cutsnake.
His debut release, Ya Kidding, went berserk in clubs and dancefloors around the country and just last month, he released his second EP, Oi Oi.
We had a short chat with FISHER on surfing, music and everything in between.
How long have you been DJing and making music now?
Been DJing for around 12 years and making tunes for around 8 years...
What artists inspire your sound with FISHER?
Jack Johnson
What music did you listen to growing up?
How did you find reactions were to your new solo stuff like your new song Ya Kidding?
Awesome I think haha. When I played it around town it always seem to work and watching everyone having a boogie to it was mint, it was pretty cool to see some of the biggest artists giving it a crack as well, and then all the fans that got behind it sending me cool vids to do with the tune was amazing. I was over the moon!
You’ve had a career in surfing and now a career in music – what do you think drives you to take on new challenges?
Music and surfing drive me cause I love doing it! Gotta love what ya do!
Do you think you’re a better surfer or a better musician?
Same same but different.
You keep your social media feeds quite silly and quirky which sounds like it reflects your personality, how important do you think it is to be real on social media, compared to those who like to ‘curate’ a presence and personal brand?
I don’t really have a plan with that stuff, I just live in the moment and if me and my mates are doing something that cracks me up I’ll film it and whack it up, or if I find something funny I’ll film it and share it. I really just love filming and making vids!!! My socials are for me to look back at shit that I did sometimes and have a cackle. I don’t really take it too serious. But each to their own - if someone wants to curate their stuff go for it, whatever makes ya happy.
You’ve travelled the world either with surfing or touring as a DJ, what’s your favourite place?
HOME!!! Australia is amazing - best waves in the world, weather is all time and all my mates and family are always around to run amok with, talk some shit and have a beer. But there is some amazing places in the world too - I love Bali, Europe, America and South Africa for different little things. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sit still in my life, I love to travel and will do as long as I’m kicking!!!!
What music do you like to listen to before going for a surf?
Spice Girls.
What’s next after music – is there another field or career you want to conquer?
My life is pretty cool right now and I’m pretty stoked with how it is all going so I might just stay here for as long as I can!
FISHER's Oi Oi EP is out now on Dirtybird.