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Red Bull Flick Australia 2021 victors, Dead Weight, are anything but

After a return to the comp they let pass them by last year, Dead Weight made this year's Red Bull Flick their own to win. We spoke with team member Velocity on their win...
By Stephen Farrelly
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A new year and odd (real-world) setups seem to have been the answer for Dead Weight, a team made up of Mr Sharky and Velocity (or “Velo”) who are no strangers to Red Bull’s Flick series, having fallen in last year’s Grand Final after coming so, so close. This all lead to this year’s efforts setting up a redemption run though, which came with its own dramas on the day, as the lads fell to Steam Support, a team they admit they didn’t have as high on their worry radar as they should have, and on a map they weren’t as familiar with, no less.
But as Velo tells us in our Dead Weight interview below, one of the strengths he and Mr Sharky came in with this year, was confidence, which ultimately saw them put the upset bracket drop behind them and eventually get back into the Grand Final to take top honours.
Red Bull: With how your last Flick experience panned out, what were your expectations for entering in 2021?
Velocity: Our expectation for this year's Flick experience was no lower than top two and we were very confident that we could win it out this year in the Grand Final as we wouldn't have to worry about our nerves this time around. We did a lot of practice and scrims prior to joining the tournament so we were confident we would be a favourite to win.
Red Bull: Was there anything noticeably different with this year's event you weren't initially ready for?
Velocity: This year, the maps and game mode worked towards our strengths as we spent time learning the maps and, more specifically, how to efficiently play the game mode, we didn't really feel like there was anything we weren't ready for.
Red Bull: After how you began, what was the shift in mindset to eventually come out on top?
Dead Weight's team logo
Dead Weight pulls no punches
After we lost to them and went into the lower bracket we were confident that we would verse them in the Grand Final and come out victorious...
Velocity, Dead Weight
Velocity: We came into the tournament as first seed and didn't drop a single round but unfortunately for us, we ended up versing Steam Support on the only map that we didn't have any experience on as we thought it was a very straight forward map, after we lost to them and went into the lower bracket we were confident that we would verse them in the Grand Final and come out victorious as the maps for the grand final we were very well versed on.
Red Bull: What did you make of the rest of the teams you came up against? How did you find the skill-level overall?
Velocity: Steam support were definitely a bit of a surprise. We went into the tournament knowing that we were most likely the most practiced team. We had previously knocked Steam support out of the previous Red Bull Flick so we had an idea of what we were in for. We also watched their qualifier games and, honestly, we had a feeling that they didn’t know the maps too well at that point.
Versing them in the tournament, we were completely caught off guard in the upper bracket final and didn’t have much luck when it came to the map as it was one of our worst [performances].
After losing to them in the upper bracket, we took a look at the maps that we would have to play and were confident we could beat them.
Team Dead Weight versus team Steam Support in Red Bull Flick
There was just no catching Dead Weight in the end for Steam Support
Red Bull: Can you talk about how you prepared for this entry, and what this win means for you both individually and as a team?
Velocity: We prepared by going into a server and learning how the game mode worked and a whole bunch of spots and tricks that we could do to give us the edge. We then proceeded to practice playing against other players, especially Core from 6foot9slayers and Reapz who was too young to participate, but loved playing the game mode with us. For both of us as individuals, this was the highlight of the year and we were so much more excited to have the Dead Weight name in the Grand Final again this year. As a duo, we loved practicing and playing with each other and may have received a noise complaint with how loud we were screaming when we closed out maps.
Red Bull: Is there a place in other games for a 2v2-style setup like Flick?
Velocity: In our opinion, there should be a lot more duo style game modes. Sharky and I love playing wingman and Red Bull Flick just feels like a higher skill version and a lot more fun.
Red Bull: Just looking around at the local competitive landscape, and this is something we like to ask anyone we manage to chat with, how do you see Australia on the competitive whole, and is there anything you think needs to change to help grow the numerous scenes here?
Velocity: The competitive landscape, in our opinion, would be greatly improved if there was even one more large event. Events like Red Bull Flick give the chance for amateur players like ourselves to make a name on a broadcast that is seen by all of our friends and even some of our family. We believe more fun events and cash cups from large companies could bring a lot of life to the scene.
Red Bull: If you could describe your Flick performance in 2021 as a movie title, what would it be?
Velocity: Honestly we had too many answers for this so:
“Get Rich or Die Tryin'”.
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