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See the North Shore roar as Pipeline's season opener steals the show

After a slow start the Pacific winter came alive over Halloween, as this Pipeline Sessions edit attests. Enjoy the action as Jamie O'Brien and friends take centre stage at Hawaii's theatre of dreams.
By Chris Binns
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The Northern Hemisphere winter is without doubt the most exiting time on the surfing calendar. Whether it's crazy swells broadsiding Nazaré in Portugal, the twin world title showdowns taking place on Maui and Oahu, or the sheer lunacy of the Big Wave World Tour event at Jaws, one thing that's never lacking is powerful surf and the most prestigious and powerful wave on the planet is still Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.
After lying fallow for summer, the jewel in the Seven Mile Miracle's crown was a little lazy waking from its slumber once the seasons ticked over, but that all changed over Halloween, with frightening Pipeline handing its devotees plenty of tricks and ample treats.
Tyler Newton loves his annual pilgrimage to Oahu and step-by-step the Kauian standout has worked his way up the pecking order at Pipe. As well as catching his fair share of bombs, Newton was kind enough to give us his run down on the guys he watches the closest at surfing's most famed chunk of lava reef. While Jamie O'Brien is a lock on any such list, some of the other names Newts put forward might surprise, from long time legends to up-and-coming lions.
Once again, Ryan Moss is the man pulling focus and whipping all the action in to shape for us, while his close pal Shane Grace is responsible for the sterling stills you see supporting this post. We couldn't be happier that Hawaii is back and badder than ever and hope you'll enjoy settling in and watching a few of our favourite hell raisers taming Halloween above.

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