These are the biggest waves ridden in Australia

Watch in awe as the winning entries for the annual Big Wave Awards are decided.
By Mimi LaMontagnePublished on
Mick Corbett's 20K wave at The Right
Mick Corbett's 20K wave at The Right
Over the past few weeks Red Bull has spoken to Western Australian surfer Mick Corbett a few times (read more here and here) all about chasing giant waves around the world. He's always been a bit of an underground charger... no flash sponsors, no big cheques, no mass media. But as of right now, he's finally getting the credit he deserves.
At the annual Big Wave Awards held early March of each year, he has finally claimed the number one prize – 20 grand and the absolute knowledge that he has ridden the biggest wave in Australia, ever. That's the image you see above (and if you'd like to watch the video, you can do so here).
"It's such an awesome thing to claim, I couldn't be more stoked. It's been a lot of hard work but it's also been so much fun," he tells Red Bull over lunch.
"The high you get from surfing these waves, there’s nothing like it! Just going down there, the adventure of it all, it’s incredible. You start getting nervous because you know it’s going to be big. Then you watch the first wave and you’re still pretty nervous, but then you get one and it’s like, Get me back out there I want another one! After the session, you’re so pumped that you actually feel a bit low in the days following, you’re sort of coming down from it because you’ve been so hyped up for that day.
"This wave in particular, Jarryd Foster (my tow partner) turned around to me form the jetski with a big grin and said, ‘Don't even look at it, it's big!"
"So I didn't really look at the wave as I was being towed in, I just looked down the line and tried to put myself in a perfect position. I didn't really know what was going on behind me; I was just trying to position myself to get barreled. I didn't realize how big it was until I got back into the channel and all of the photographers were shaking their heads in disbelief calling it the biggest wave they have ever seen out there.
"I'm splitting the money with Jarryd, who actually won this award last year. When he won it he split it with me, because it's a team effort. We couldn't do it without each other. So we each get $10,000 from it. My half is going straight to paying off some credit cards, unfortunately, but Jarryd is going to buy a new jetski with his.
"I'd also like to give a big congrats to the other guys who won awards for their rides, Zac Haynes, Justin Holland and Heath Joske."
Zac Haynes' 7K wave
Zac Haynes' 7K wave
Zac Haynes took home $7,000 for this ride, and Justin Holland (below) took home $5,000.
The wave that broke Justin Holland's femur
The wave that broke Justin Holland's femur
Heath Joske, the winner of the Viewer's Choice Award, won an all-expense paid trip to Indonesia, which he decided to give to his parents as a thank you for all that they've done for him. You can see that ride here.
So, what do you think? These are the biggest waves ever ridden in Australia – in our opinion, they're pretty jaw-dropping.