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Who’s that flying on skis? It can only be speedrider Valentin Delluc
This new project from speedriding pioneer Valentin Delluc sees him flying into a deserted ski resort – check out From Avoriaz With Love right here.
By Tristain Illsley
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Valentina Höll

Valentin Delluc is used to pushing the limits of his discipline, as evidenced by the infamous Moonline video which involved the French speedrider flying all over the ski resort of Chamonix at night.
Now Delluc’s latest Alpine adventure sees the 28-year-old taking over another French ski destination, so watch the breathtaking From Avoriaz with Love video and continue reading to learn about how he pulled the whole thing off.
“I’ve known this place since I was little and I’ve always had the idea of ​​doing things here," says Delluc. "I did flights here in 2016 and that's when I saw the potential it has. With the confinement, and the fact that the ski lifts are closed to the public, we thought we could do something even more advanced now.”
Valentin Delluc in Avoriaz, France, ahead of his latest speedriding project.
Valentin Delluc prepares for flight

Going freestyle

Over the course of two minutes, Delluc slides on the chairlift cables as well as pulling off barrels, keys and other wall rides. The slick freestyle aspect required very specific preparation, particularly in training and logistics. “I did a lot of freestyle when I was younger and I wanted to bring that side to speed riding,” he says.
“It took more machines and manpower to build all the modules this time," he explains. "Usually I work in natural environments, but this is an urban environment, so that required more organisation.
"We needed to get authorisation to be able to touch the tops of buildings in particular, so we'd already chosen the places where I was going to do these tricks. I'd been doing training flights since January to find out where to put the kickers and walls so that we could do things as easily as possible when filming.
“In terms of training, it required different technical preparation, since these are tricks that I wanted to do, but I never had the opportunity to do. I needed to rehearse how I was going to arrive and touch the modules, and be sure to have enough energy with my kite to be able to slide the cables, free myself from them etc.”
This project is arguably even more impressive than anything else Delluc has attempted because it involves a whole new set of tricks. “I'd already slid a chairlift cable, but I'd never done it with the seats attached to the cable," he says. "What was more technical here was that you had to lift your legs above the hook of the seat, so when you lift your legs, you have to keep speed with the sail, because if you don't have enough, you can't go up enough and you get caught in the grip.”
The end result is nothing short of impressive, but Delluc admits he had to use every bit of his speedriding skills to pull it off. “The wall ride was a lot of stress for me because my wing shouldn't catch on," he says. "There was a balcony above the wall that we put down on and I really had to shift my sail to the side so that it didn't catch.
"The whole thing was quite technical and I had to be really exact. I'd been practising on cliff sides to try and touch them, but I'd never done it on a vertical wall when coming up in front of it. I was really glad it passed and I'm happy with it."
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Part of this story

Valentina Höll